Apr 5, 2007

Toad's Friday Fave, #7

So when I first heard about Coke Zero and CPB's campaign for it, what with Coke suing for "taste infringement" I kinda cringed. Okay, more than kind of.

But this spot, which could have come from BBDO given the tone and humor*, cracks me up every time. "Djibouti" is just a funny word. And, just as importantly, the spot is all about Coke Zero being new. You won't watch it and forget which product it's for.

Even the spots with the lawyers and the "taste infringement" are pretty well done. The lawyers are well-cast, incredibly deadpan, and the whole thing comes off much funnier than I'd anticipated. But still not as funny as Djibouti.

One of you is going to post something to the effect of "But Toad, if it was from BBDO, it would feature a celebrity." So I'll save you the effort ;)


Anonymous said...

i might not remember the coke zero part, but i now know the capital of djibouti...thanks, coke zero!

Alan Wolk said...

I'd love to know the increase in the number of Google/Google Map searches for Djibouti since the spot started running. (It's a small country on the Red Sea coast of Ethiopia in Africa, for those of you who might be curious)