May 18, 2007

Oh Mother!

So Mother, the not-very-successful New York branch of the very-successful London agency, is reduced to filming self-promotional TV spots. (I think that's what this one is doing, it's hard to tell.)

Only what they've come up with is an exact duplicate of a Saturday Night Live mock-commercial. During one of the really bad seasons.

No idea what they were thinking. The whole spot is completely and totally ripped off from SNL, down to the timing.

It's a shame because they've got some good people working there. They can, and hopefully will, do better.


Anonymous said...

They definitely have some good people working there. Maybe this is the growing pains/7-year itch period for that crop of new agency which formed a few years back like thr Taxi's, the Strawberry Frogs, etc.

Alan Wolk said...

Agree. None of those agencies seem to be doing anything though. For some reason they've not been able to get their feet off the ground. Likely because they are all grounded in traditional media at a time when all the money is going to interactive.