Sep 24, 2010

Credit Where It's Due

We spend a lot of time pointing out what brands are doing wrong, so it's nice to be able to point out something they're doing right.

Maui Jim sunglasses, whose corporate address is a sunny 1 Aloha Drive, despite being located in Peoria, Illinois, is the perpetrator of a recent random act of corporate kindness.

A few weeks back, I accidentally broke a pair of glasses I had (sat on them and snapped the armpiece.)

I called, and they said for $10, they could replace it. I filled out the online form, headed down to Mailboxes, Etc., and sent it off.

Not a whole lot of time went by. I wasn't at the point where I was wondering if they were lost. But I came home to find a box with my (repaired) glasses, a brand new case, and a note apologizing for having taken so much time to do the repair, so much time, in fact, that they were going to waive the fee.

So there you have it. A delay that couldn't have amounted to more than a day or two, and Maui Jim fixed my two year old sunglasses for free. And they included a nice, personalized ("Dear Alan...") note as well.

You can bet I'm going to get my next pair of sunglasses from them. Well done.

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