Apr 9, 2012

Lack of Pinterest?

I've been prepping for a minor home renovation project and thus spending more time than usual on sites selling everything from appliances to furniture. These are sites that seem to be ground zero for Pinterest, yet few of them have added the little "PinIt" button up there with the Facebook "like" and Twitter buttons.

These are major retailers too, not some mom and pop shop.

It surprised me because I have found Pinterest to be an excellent organization tool - it's very easy to go back to the page, look at actual pictures of all the refrigerators I pinned (with prices and dimensions) and make a choice or narrow down the list.

And while it's easy enough to "pin" from the toolbar, you'd have thought the furniture and appliance stores would have been at the forefront of this - it's free advertising and adding that button can't be too much of a programming challenge.

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