Sep 6, 2012

IBC 2012

IBC 2012 is on this weekend in Amsterdam and I will be there representing KIT at two different sessions.

On Saturday night, I'll be delivering the keynote at the 2nd Screen Summit Amsterdam with the first live version of the viral "10 Things You Need To Know About The Future of Television" (I'll be providing a more Eurocentric spin for the IBC audience.) There are a lot of really big name speakers as 2nd Screen, so if you are in Amsterdam for IBC,  please check it out.

Then, on Sunday, I will be on stage at the IBC Rising Stars event, along with Naomi Climer from Sony Entertainment and Tony Churnside from the BBC. We'll be discussing what our paths were into the industry and how it's changed over the years. I've pointed out to my kids (several times) that the program refers to me as an "inspirational industry figure" but they seem rather nonplussed.

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