Mar 13, 2009

Announcing The Hive Awards. For The Unsung Heroes Of The Internet

So for the past couple of months, I’ve been busy pulling together a project that I’m unveiling today, just in time for SXSW. It’s called The Hive Awards and it’s designed to reward all the unsung heroes of the internet: the coders, the programmers, the user experience gurus, the content developers, the strategists, the planners, the designers, the writers and the like: the people who innovate and create but rarely get the credit.

The idea is to reward people for innovation within their industry silos, so that someone who worked on a really interesting b-to-b insurance site is not competing with

We will have professional judges who are experts in their fields and their goal will be to help set standards and to give those entering the business something to aspire to.

Our community judges will be you: people who work building the web every day. Who know the difference between good and crap and want to see it reflected in who wins.

For more info and to get on the email list, check us out at Or follow us on Twitter - @hiveawards

Details on how to enter, fees, and all that will be forthcoming, as will an official logo and color scheme (what's there is just placeholder) but figure roughly that the Call for Entries will be sometime in July or August, with judging beginning in November. The show in being run through the International Awards Group and since they have many years experience running about a half dozen awards shows, their expertise has been of great help to me in getting this off the ground while still going full bore with my consulting business.

If you’d like to volunteer, offer suggestions, be a judge, or all of the above, you can email me at wolk at

Oh, and be sure to check out our Advisory Board-- we've got some pretty big names there, with more to come.

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