Jun 8, 2009

Five To Follow/TBuzz

So after weeks of tenacious campaigning by my cohort Ana Andjelic*, the forces that be at Adweek's Tweetfreak blog have finally let down their defenses and named me to their Five To Follow list along with Jeff Jarvis (who has an actual Wikipedia entry) and several other industry luminaries.

It's nice to be recognized by my peers and all that, but I did want to give a big hat tip for my recent tweetage to a sweet app I discovered called TBuzz.

TBuzz is a bookmarklet that sits in your browser's toolbar. When you are reading a story you like, you click on TBuzz and a little window pops up that lets you tweet the story without having to deal with opening Twhirl or Tweetdeck or is.gd or bit.ly or anything like that. It automatically shrinks the url for you. What's more, it shows you who else has tweeted the story and what they had to say about it.

It has truly become my new favorite piece of technology.

*No, not really

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