Jun 13, 2009

The Revolution Will Be Twitterized

Rioting has broken out in Teheran and other Iranian cities today in response to yesterday's election results.

Thanks to the magic of Twitter, YouTube and other 2.0 technologies, we can now follow along in a way that was previously impossible.

On Twitter, the hashtag #iranelection has an incredible mix of photos, live reporting and videos interspersed with tweets from Americans telling their friends about it. (Or you can follow @mousavi1388, @StopAhmadi, @tandmark or ABC Reporter Jim Sciutto

On Flickr, there's a photostream from mousavi1388 that has some eyeopening photos of the rioting.

And HuffingtonPost reporter Nico Pitney is liveblogging all the news-- he's got a lot of video on his site.

It's a long way from the last Iranian Revolution, back in 1979, when you had to wait for the 11:00 news or the next morning's newspaper

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