Aug 4, 2009

An Actual Reason For The Toad Stool Facebook Fan Page

I've been searching for an actual reason why someone would want to join the Toad Stool's Facebook fan page.

And I've finally found one: Posterous.

I have set up a parallel site over at

I will post shorter pieces on there, often comments on breaking news stories or similar stories that I found interesting for some reason or other and seemed to require more than 140 characters worth of commentary (plus the hope that you'll add some of your own.)

And if you're a Toad Stool fan on Facebook, those posts will show up in your news stream, giving you an incentive to actually become a Facebook fan. (Previously, all you'd get were the same posts you could get here, which really wasn't much of a value proposition.)

So check it out: you can become a fan right here.

PS: I put up for Posterous links today. That was mostly to experiment with the platform and see how the whole posting thing worked. Future output will not be nearly that bountiful.

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