Nov 8, 2009

Life In The Bubble

Over the past year, I'd say well over 150 of my friends and relatives joined Facebook, none of whom work in any sort of media or technology related function.
  • Maybe 5% of them post regular status updates
  • Maybe 5% of them post pictures beyond the half dozen or so they put up when they joined
  • Maybe 2 or 3 of them regularly share outside articles on any topic.
  • Maybe 5 of them have actually shared an outside article, period.
  • Maybe a dozen of them have used Facebook at some point to promote their own business or a charitable endeavor they've been a part of.
  • Maybe 2 or 3 of them do that sort of promotion with any regularity
  • Maybe 15% of them have even bothered to "like" someone else's update or article or even their Bejeweled Blitz score.
  • Maybe 50% have ever commented on someone else's picture.
  • Of that 50%, maybe a dozen of them comment on pictures with any sort of regularity.

I've also had about two dozen of these same friends and relatives join Twitter over the same time period.

None of them stuck with it.

Literally, none of them.

While I'd never be so egotistical as to claim my own personal experience is universal, I do suspect it's not particularly unique: there will always be more audience members than actors.

Just something to think about as we're chasing after all the bright shiny objects.

PS: If you have a minute or two to leave a comment, I'd be very curious to hear what other people's experiences have been with their non-media/tech family and friends.

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