Feb 10, 2012

Social Media Week Panel on Social TV

This coming Thursday, Feb. 16th, at 5PM, I'm going to be part of one of the more interesting panels I've been on to date.

It's a part of Social Media Week NYC 2012 and it's called "My Social TV App Thinks I'm My Dad: Privacy Issues In The Age of Convergence."  Here's a description from the site:

While Social TV may be this year’s buzzword, there’s one issue that’s often overlooked: whose social TV is it?
TVs are rarely personal devices. So how do you make sure that Mom and Dad’s Cinemax movies aren’t posted to their kid’s Facebook walls? And if the whole family is watching together, whose friends is the app tracking?
We’ll also look at:
  • How providers can use Social TV to gather data on exactly who is watching (and what) without making users feel as if their privacy is being invaded?
  • The three distinct circumstances people when use social television: researching, watching and reviewing.
  • How content type influences user behavior.
  • Where the future of television is headed in 2012 and beyond.
The event is free, but you do need to register here and spots are limited.

Jack Marshall from Digiday is going to be the moderator.

Panelists are:
Mike Monello, Campfire
Mike Sommers, Viggle
Daniel Neely, Networked Insights
Jim Spare, Miso
Me, KIT Digital

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