Mar 21, 2007

Another Opportunity Missed

So another bunch of fed-up agency creatives, Fallon's Stuart D'Rozario and Bob Barrie, are starting their own shop, perhaps as a way of atoning for the sin of creating a campaign that lured people into the hands of the rabidly Wiccan air hostesses at United Airlines.

And in a statement to Adweek, Barrie noted that
The new agency... will ultimately look to foster collaboration across all disciplines. "We will draw inspiration not from the conventions of advertising, but from the worlds of design, new media, architecture, pop culture and technology," Barrie said in a statement. "True innovation springs from the collision of these different perspectives."

Man, if I had patented that paragraph 5 years ago, think how rich I'd be.

UPDATE: On the other hand, these guys just won the entire United Airlines account, so maybe they're onto something.

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