Feb 7, 2015

From Lost Remote: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: Jesse Redniss and Alan Wolk on Twitter's Latest (and Genius) Play

This piece, co-written with Jesse Redniss, first appeared on Adweek's Lost Remote site.

 Twitter’s recent deal to run sponsored tweets on third party sites like Flipboard and Yahoo Japan may have inadvertently solved one of the platforms biggest problems: while people like knowing “what’s on Twitter” they often don’t like using the platform itself.
As many observers have noted, no other social media platform gets the sort of viscerally negative reaction that Twitter does, especially from otherwise tolerant and tech friendly people. But while those same people may profess to “despise” Twitter, they are generally interested in what’s being said there. It’s the age old tale of a love/hate relationship, but now, consumers benefit the most by being on the receiving end of an experience that was once confusing and elusive.

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