Jun 3, 2007

Smells Like....???

There's a full page ad for Dolce & Gabbana cologne on the back cover of some section of today's New York Times, featuring a sweaty European man in a white bikini laying on his back, his sweaty, hairy armpits front and center.

And while it wasn't something I needed to see over breakfast (though I'm sure it appeals to some sort of gay armpit hair fetishists) it set me wondering as to who actually wears cologne these days, given the zillions of dollars that seems to be spent on advertising.

I know that teenage boys wear Axe and Old Spice and the like, but most of the men's cologne ads seem to appear in the sorts of upscale publications rarely read by 16 year old high school students.

More than that, I don't know any men who wear cologne on a regular basis-- or even on special occasions-- anymore. Well men born in the US, anyway ;)

Even women seem to have cut back considerably on perfume- you rarely smell it at work (unless it's become more subtle and/or I'm losing my sense of smell.)

So who's driving this market? Clearly someone is buying the stuff, otherwise they wouldn't be advertising it.

My only guess is that people are still buying it- as Father's Day gifts and whatnot. It's just that the recipients aren't using it.


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