Jun 28, 2007

The Times Gets All Snarky On Us

Every so often the "grey lady" steps out of character and gives us some snark about some of the more ridiculous aspects of modern life.

A double-header today, first from Guy Trebay in the Style section:

At a garden party staged for a pictorial in the July/August issue of Departures, Euan Rellie, the husband of the fashion gadfly Lucy Sykes, is seen wearing a Thom Browne suit that has all of that designer’s trademark details: cropped jacket piped at the collar, lapel, hem and pocket; shirttails left hanging; bow tie. A caption identifies Mr. Rellie as an investment banker, and one would certainly have to be making a bundle to afford a get-up that cost $6,170, not including underwear, socks and shoes. Yet far from embodying a model of fiscal authority or contemporary chic, Mr. Rellie comes across in the picture as the man hired by the caterers to make balloon animals.

The second from the frequently-snarky Alessandra Stanley in a review of Paris Hilton on Larry King:
Paris Hilton read aloud her prison writings as if she had spent a lifetime on Robben Island, and that was surely the highlight of the heiress/actress’s first television interview since her release from jail.
(PH is an easy target no doubt, but Stanley's lead made me smile.)


George Parker said...

I must say those two are priceless, particularly the Paris Hilton one, although having wondered at the $5K ripped jeans from Barneys, or the $1.5K white cotton shirt that looks like it came from Wal-Mart (shades of Julie) I really have to ask myself who buys this shit. Oh, I forgot... It's the guy who makes the baloon animals.

Alan Wolk said...

Fashion is a funny thing, George. It's a reflection of what's going on in society at the time, but the words "fashion victim" have never seemed more appropriate.