Dec 20, 2007

Still Here

Sorry for the absence of posts the past week. End of year craziness got the better of me. But I will be resuming tomorrow and through the end of the years.

Your patience is greatly appreciated.


HighJive said...

Figured you were collaborating with the Swedish embassy.

Anonymous said...

no worries; it's hard to post comments now anyhow since Google is the Grinch. happy holiday to you and all the toadlets.

Jonathan Trenn said...

Was wondering what happened.

the lower depths said...

don't t agree that google is the grinch...our end of the business is haunted by ineptness and hubris, those are REAL grinches for ya! as the great poet, bob dylan, once's a hard rain's a gonna faaaallll.

x-mas cheers to one and all.