Dec 20, 2007

Still Here

Sorry for the absence of posts the past week. End of year craziness got the better of me. But I will be resuming tomorrow and through the end of the years.

Your patience is greatly appreciated.


HighJive said...

Figured you were collaborating with the Swedish embassy.

Anonymous said...

no worries; it's hard to post comments now anyhow since Google is the Grinch. happy holiday to you and all the toadlets.

Jonathan Trenn said...

Was wondering what happened.

Anonymous said...

don't t agree that google is the grinch...our end of the business is haunted by ineptness and hubris, those are REAL grinches for ya! as the great poet, bob dylan, once's a hard rain's a gonna faaaallll.

x-mas cheers to one and all.