Oct 1, 2008

Social Media and the Tech Entrepreneur: Now on YouTube

Part 2: How has marketing changed with the "new guard" of social media?

With special thanks to Carsten Rubsaamen and Ralf Schmelter from Venture Road Trip (especially to Carsten who did the editing) and to Christina "CK" Kerley for making this all happen, I am happy to present the official videos from "Social Media and the Tech Entrepreneur" featuring myself, the aforementioned Ms. Kerley, David Berkowitz and Paul Soldera.

There are nine videos all together, which you can watch on their very own YouTube channel.

The session came about when CK met Ralf and Carsten at Sun's Startup Camp. The two German post-grads were doing a 90-day tour of the US, called Venture Road Trip, in order to study similarities and differences between American and European startup success stories.

They interviewed a score of high-impact serial entrepreneurs and investors on their personal stories and experiences in building up companies--from small early-stage technology startups to paradigm-shifting companies like Amazon, Google, and Yahoo.

We were the only marketers they spoke with and the conversation-- on the uses of and effects of social media on start-ups makes for a great conversation.

Check it out.