Feb 20, 2009

Passion Play

Download & Print (PDF, 2.3 megs)

Sean Howard, a friend who runs his own Toronto-based consulting company, has put together the eBook you see above you, called "The Passion Economy" which is based on an article he read a while back that bestowed this term on the changes wrought by 2.0 and all that.

I take a somewhat contrarian POV (did you expect something different?) and the book contains some nice thoughts from Undercurrent's Mike Arauz, Viral Garden's Mack Collier, and The Thunder from Down Under, Gavin Heaton, among others.

A full list of authors, cut and pasted from Sean's own site:

Scott Suthren
Ellen Di Resta
Gavin Heaton
Charles Frith
Mike Wagner
Mack Collier
Mike Arauz
Katie Chatfield
Alan Wolk
Peter Flaschner
Matthew Milan

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