Feb 26, 2009

Project 100 Excerpt: Days of Dinosaurs and Roses

Jeff Caswell put together a book to benefit Susan G. Komen For The Cure, a foundation that supports breast cancer research. Called Connect: Marketing in the Social Media Era it features 400 words on the topic of “Marketing in the Social Media Era. Building Dynamic Consumer Relationships" from 100 of his favorite writers and bloggers. (Hence the name.) Some of the other writers I know who are participating are: (in alphabetical order) Adam Broitman, Adam Kmiec, Ana Andjelic, Ann Handley, Bill Green, Brian Morrissey, Dave Knox, Dirk Singer, Drew McLellan, Gavin Heaton, Greg Chistensen, Jacquelyn Corbett Cyr, Marc Meyer, Michael Hastings-Black, Michael Leis, Paul McEnany, and probably a bunch of other people because I've never been good about copying names from lists.

Anyway, he's got my piece up as an excerpt to lure you into buying the upcoming book, so check it out:

Days of Dinosaurs and Roses

The amazing thing about social media is that it’s totally destroyed the power of ads to sell things to people. Because seriously, why would I bother listening to an ad when I can listen to the reviews and opinions of hundreds of my fellow consumers. Most of whom are interested in providing me with the real deal on whatever product or service they’re reviewing. Not in feeding me a clever pun or wacky visual.

We’ve seen clever puns and wacky visuals for over 50 years now. It’s hard to remember which one is which. I mean every bank is friendly and caring. Every soft drink fun-loving and hip.

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