Apr 20, 2009

Live (Sort of) On The Beancast Podcast

Bob Knorpp hosts a really great podcast called The Bean Cast.

This week's episode features Bill Green from MakeTheLogoBigger, Duane Forrester from Microsoft, and me.

The discussion focuses on the Amazon and Domino's kerfuffles this week and meanders off to a range of other topics.

Here's Knorpp's description:

I love a feisty group! And right from the start these guys pulled no punches on opinions. But would you expect anything less when the subjects included Amazon and Domino's?

Two of the most contentious issues of the week, plus a host of other great topics made this one of our longer shows but one worth listening through to the very end. Hope you get as much out of the discussion as I did.

Download the podcast .mp3 here

Get it from iTunes here

Check out the Beancast homepage

PS: One thing I learned is I need to move the mike away from my mouth so my "p's" don't pop as much. Still, quality really high considering it was done on Skype.

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