Apr 26, 2009


Funny to see the spate of stories as of late by tech guys writing about media and media guys writing about tech. Neither side seems to have the slightest inkling about the other, but this does not stop the bloviating and floating of ridiculous-but-buzzworthy suggestions. Clear violations of the old "know what you don't know" theory all around, but that seems to have gone out the window as of late.

How long before "Mexican Swine Flu Is Coming" replaces "The Economy Is Collapsing Faster Than You Realize" as the media meme du jour? (If it hasn't already by the time you read this)

What's the next Twitter? Place you bets now, because writing a post claiming "X is the new Twitter" is poised to become the blogger meme du jour. (UPDATE: And just 36 hours later, the race is on: this post from Steve Rubel and his complementary column in Ad Age start it off.)

If I could invest in TV show, "Penguins of Madagascar" a Nickelodeon show based on the animated movies would be a clear bet. The show's a latter day "Bugs Bunny" with lots of adult jokes in it, and every child (and adult with a child) I know seems to be buzzing about it.

Front page New York Times story on how Wall Street bonuses/salaries are back to last year's stratospheric levels may either be a blip or a harbinger of increased populist outrage. Depends on how Mexican Swine Flu tracks over the next week or so.

And speaking of the New York Times: check out this great prototype reader that helps bring serendipity (e.g. finding something you weren't looking for) back into the user experience equation.

Enjoy the weekend.

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