Apr 3, 2009

Two Good Reasons To Buy This Book

1. It's for a good cause - Susan G. Komen for the Cure, which supports breast cancer.

2. I'm one of the authors. And seriously, who can ever get enough Alan Wolk? I know I can't.

The book, Connect! Marketing In The Social Media Era (and it's an actual, physical book) is part of something called Project 100, but together by a great guy named Jeff Caswell.

It's described as "100 Authors. 400 Words. 1 Topic 1 Great Cause. 100 marketers share their thinking on Marketing in the Social Media Era."

Some of the names you might recognize are: Adam Broitman, Adam Kmiec, Ana Andjelic, Ann Handley, Bill "MTLB" Green, Brian Morrissey, Dave Knox, Dirk Singer, Drew McLellan, Gavin Heaton, Jacquelyn Corbett Cyr, Marc Meyer, Michael Hastings-Black, Michael Leis & Paul McEnany.

And did I mention it was for a good cause?

You can order yours here.

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