Apr 30, 2015

Time To Step Away From The Buzzwords

There’s a very funny video (below) making the rounds from Defy Media that mocks the new fronts. And while much of it is over the top, there’s a lot that’s true and the industry definitely needs to cut through all the bullshit and buzzwords about “snackable content” and more clearly explain the superior value proposition behind #CreatedWith content.

#CreatedWith operates under the premise that brands are forgoing the in your face product shill of old. Instead, they are identifying the passion points of their audience, embracing the storytellers, creators and celebrities who might be associated with the brand. They’re not creating the old school endorsement, hold up the package and smile, but actually making something entertaining in the creator’s own voice that seamlessly (and more effectively) promotes the brand.
That’s a strong value proposition and one that’s much easier accomplished with the new legion of video stars who have a much more personal connection with their audiences than old school Hollywood celebrities. They’re not just available on YouTube, but on a range of social media outlets from Twitter to Snapchat where the person engaging with the fans is the creator themselves… not some hired PR flack or social media intern. The difference, and the resulting level of authenticity is tremendous and it’s why smart brands are looking to #CreateWith influencers rather than #RentOut celebrities.
That authenticity is what makes #CreatedWith content so powerful: viewers feel they are getting an endorsement from a trusted friend, not a hired shill. They also get to watch something that’s enjoyable, the sort of content they actively seek out, not thirty seconds worth of sales-speak, no matter how cleverly crafted.
As we move through the new fronts, we’d love to see the companies that are best able to enable #CreatedWith content — whether they are publishers, portals or MCNs — put that front and center as the reason why advertisers should pay attention to them. Yes there are many “eyeballs” and pre and post roll ads get a lot of views. But the real value proposition, that one that makes digital video so appealing right now, is the ability to enable #CreatedWith content and get it in front of people who won’t just passively watch it but will actively engage with it, share it and take its message to heart.
That’s a lot more effective than a clever TV spot and a whole passel of buzzwords. #CreatedWith — the only buzzword you ever need. How’s that for a tagline?
Originally published at www.braveventures.com

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