Jan 29, 2007

So with 18 months to go until the election, Senator Clinton has put together an ad team. According to Adweek:

The ad executives involved include Roy Spence, longtime Clinton friend and CEO of Omnicom Group's GSD&M; Andy Berlin, CEO of WPP Group's Voluntary United Group of Creative Agencies; and Jimmy Siegel, a former BBDO senior executive creative director who is now cd at a-political, an issues advocacy marketing firm.
"Include" being the key word here.

Because everyone knows when you get that many egos into a room the result is a cohesive unit that selflessly adheres single-mindedly to a tight strategy.



HighJive said...

I wonder if Hillary is aware of the political issues surrounding diversity on Madison Avenue. After all, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Sen. John Kerry have already weighed in — in addition to numerous NY politicians. It will be interesting to see if it winds up stinging Hillary, especially since it looks like her dream team is comprised of White men.

Anonymous said...

any minority rockstar ad people would you rather have instead?

HighJive said...

actually, there are plenty of folks running the major black and hispanic shops. you would think hillary might at least tap one woman too (thaler kaplan or even sally hogshead).

Anonymous said...

maybe she'll get around to it when she thinks she needs the ethnic vote.

Alan Wolk said...

Agree with you Jive that it's odd she has no minorities or women, but they may be coming on board- the 3 guys she has so far seem to be old friends. (Am I defending HRC? See what you get me into!)

Now as for women- Linda Kaplan is a heavy hitter. But Sally Hogshead?? She's like Paris Hilton- famous for being famous. Not much there in the way of well-known work.

Anonymous said...

Hate to disagree with you, Toad, but Sally Hogshead's work is VASTLY superior to the claptrap Kaplan produces.

"Well-known" doesn't necessarily mean "good" (Herbal Essence, anyone?)

Your own Paris Hilton example makes that point perfectly.

Alan Wolk said...

Anonymous: Help me out here then. Can you give me some examples of the "vastly superior" work Ms. Hogshead done? I know she wrote a book, gets her name in the trades a lot, has been a presenter at the One Show, is quite attractive and has funded two different L.A. agencies. But not familiar with any of her work and my West Coast sources tell me there isn't a lot to be familiar with.
But I'm open.

As for Linda Kaplan, as I wrote in an earlier post
her work appeals to a very different demographic than you and I.

Think of her work as the "Full House" of advertising: it makes critics shudder but there's a huge number of people who love it. And if you're HR Clinton, you want to appeal to all those people who think Herbal Essence is the funniest commercial they've ever seen. As I noted in the aforementioned post, there's more of them than there are of us.

But since politics is all about conciliation, can we agree on say Kara Goodrich and Monica Taylor as two examples of talented female creatives with a large, well-known and good body of work?

Anonymous said...

Well, off the top of my head, Sally's worked on Mini, Ikea, and BMW.

I certainly agree, however, that some people actually do enjoy/respond to Kaplan's work, too. Just not my cup o' tea.

And I can absolutely agree that Kara is a great writer with lots of well-known work. But due diligence: she's a friend of mine from her Providence days, so I'm biased.

Anonymous said...

Hey Toad, your west coast sources are right. there's not much there. bmw was a oneshot motorcycle campaign and mini was whatever scraps bogusky threw her out in cali. she's got big bucks from somewhere and she's real good at publicity. not a hack at all but not a legend either.

Alan Wolk said...

Come on,Anonymi, you guys work in advertising, cant you come up with some sort of clever-yet-still-anonymous monikers for yourselves so I can keep you apart?

Thanks for the input. This blog is still new enough it's kind of a thrill when anyone comments.


HighJive said...

i think hogshead's attractiveness could help chillary.