Jan 31, 2007

Take That, Joe Jaffe

So today's still-unlinkable Wall Street Journal has an interview with Brant Herzer and Tyler Campbell, the world's oldest interns (they're 26 and 30, respectively), who are the proud creators of a Budweiser TV commercial that will run on the Super Bowl this Sunday, via DDB-Chicago.

And despite the protestations of the aforementioned Mr. Jaffe and others of his ilk (Bob Greenberg) these young bucks are all about the 30 second commercial.

(Because I'm just too good to my readers, I will retype, with my own fingers, the relevant passage)

WSJ: The ad world is in desperate need of talent in the digital space. (Talent being the key word here.) As a result, salaries in that space are rising as much as 40% (for flash designers-- they're still underpaying the creatives vis a vis their general counterparts... by about 40%) Why did you not choose to specialize in that area?

Mr. Herzer: TV is where it's at. That is what everyone wants to do and we were so lucky to get into this with this client (Anheuser-Busch). Honestly I don't have experience online. I love TV. I want to do it forever.
Now granted, Herzer may have answered in an expeditious manner, given his junior position at DDB, but still I know my friend Pali will be happy to read this.

Seriously though, until there's even a remote chance that creative concepts can originate from within an agency's interactive group, juniors are not going to want to work there. (Balancing out salaries would help too!) Working on TV means that it's your concept and if someone else executes it as a DM piece or banner, all the better. Lots of times you even get to tell the interactive department your idea for the web component, so they can execute it for you. What's not to love?


Anonymous said...

Now you know why all this bullshit about new media is just bullshit. Everyone and his fucking dog wants to make TV spots... 'Cos that's where the glamor is. Take your banner ad and shove it... And who gives a shit if it sells more product... Does it get me that corner office in Rio, so I can get all my stuff in Archive. C'mon, lets get our priorities right here!!!

Anonymous said...

Lewis Lazare actually broke the news today that this "Super Bowl" spot will actually air sometime during the interminable pre-game show. About a $2,000,000 difference in price and exposure.

BTW, 30-year-old interns?

Anonymous said...

WSJ: Brant, now that your Super Bowl commercial has ran, what will you do next?

Mr. Herzer: I'm going to Disneyland!