Jun 17, 2007

Attention Ketel One Drinkers: The People Who Write Their Ads Are Idiots

Okay so the all-type ads themselves aren't the reason.
Nor their slightly condescending tone
Not even the "did an ad agency really do that?" factor.

Nope. This is all about misspelling.

You see this month, Ketel One is running an ad in Entertainment Weekly (among other places) with their list of the 50 Best Movies Ever Made. The ad asks you if you agree or disagree, but gives no vehicle to express your opinion.

But that's still not it.

No. The idiots cited "Battleship Potempkin" (sic) as one of the movies. That's not a typo. That's someone who's unfamiliar with the term "Potemkin Village" and/or the actual name of the movie. Not to mention an agency (or a CMO-- not sure an agency does those ads) that can't be bothered to hire a proofreader.

UPDATE (8.29.07): Today's ad in the Wall Street Journal has the correct spelling. Finally.


HighJive said...

wonder if the product is actually ketel one.

it could be keitel one, brewed by actor harvey.

or ketel cone, new flavor at baskin-robbins.

or ketel ole, a latino kitchen cleanser.

Anonymous said...

The ads are done by M&M Saatchi.

Alan Wolk said...

Thanks for the heads up. Didn't realize they were still around.
Though that makes it even worse: they're a real agency, and as such, should know to hire a proofreader.

Missy said...

Those ads mystify me when I see them reading at the gym. The mispelling is too rich- I had not seen that ad yet.

Nice blog, I am not in advertising..but I am very very interested in it...

Anonymous said...

I piti all who miss typoes or misspel. It can hapen to anyone, and if it hasn't, it will.

Alan Wolk said...

Of course it does FS. That's why ad agencies employ proofreaders as part of the service they provide to clients.

Missing something that blatant is just inexcusable.