Jun 12, 2007

Shark-Jumping, Hipster Style

So there's an ad in this morning's New York Times for Converse high tops. The ad, which shows a preppily-dressed father and 5 year old son both sporting black high tops, promises that the store will have a graffiti artist on hand to personalize the high tops for you.

Which only becomes strange when you get to the bottom of the ad and realize that the store in question is Saks Fifth Avenue.


HighJive said...


are you not a saks shopper? the store often features fashion shows and parties with djs and hip-hop components, albeit occasionally sanitized in a white way. so it's not uncommon to see them bring in a graffiti artist. although they'd shit if someone proceeded to tag their store exterior.

Alan Wolk said...

While I've bought things in Saks before, HJ, I can't say I shop there with any regularity. More a fan of smaller shops where I can get shopping over and done with the aid of a helpful salesperson.

It was the combination of Converse high tops, graffiti artists and Saks that struck me as odd. Saks, in my mind, is where my grandmother bought her clothes.