Jul 2, 2015

Binge-Watching Isn’t A Trend Anymore. It’s The Norm.

Originally published at TDG Research on July 2, 2015

A new study released this week proclaimed that 92% of ‘consumers’ have binge viewed TV programs. That made for a lot of great headlines–there was, however, a giant footnote to that stat. It seems the study, conducted by TiVo, consisted solely of current TiVo users, who, given that they’re spending hundreds of dollars a year on a high-end DVR system, are probably far more prone to binge view than the average user, and thus not the segment to hold up as representative of all TV viewers.

Does that mean we need to throw the results of the study out? Or are TiVo users (like TDG subscribers) just ahead of the curve?

While in-and-of-itself not representative of general US binge viewing, the TiVo study is directionally correct, indicative of where things are heading. And while it’s unlikely that 92% of the population is binge viewing (it’s hard to get 92% of Americans to do anything, even pay for TV service!), we do think that a sizable majority have indulged and will continue to do so.


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