Aug 30, 2007

Margaritaville Redux

Tommy Bahama, purveyor of tropical-themed leisure attire to men who otherwise wear pleated Dockers and golf shirts featuring the logo of the resort that hosted their last sales meeting, is now getting into the liquor business. On the way into work this AM, I saw a full-page ad on the back of someone else’s paper for Tommy Bahama rum.

Clever brand extension, given that the whole Tommy Bahama brand image is tied up in a more affluent version of a Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville lifestyle. And so using TB rum (ouch, that’s a tough abbreviation) to make your piƱa coladas while wearing your TB pseudo-Hawaiian shirt and shorts, makes a lot of sense for the target.

Sort of like Ralph Lauren coming out with single malt scotch or Munsingwear coming out with an ironically blue collar beer.

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