Aug 15, 2007

A Poll

Mostly as an experiment, and because I'm curious, I've added a poll about the relevance of award shows.

It's completely anonymous and completely unscientific.

NB: I've asked several other bloggers to post this poll on their blogs. Mostly as a Jaffe-esque experiment to test the technology itself and to see the effect of multiple input portals on the data. (I just made that up. I have no idea if "multiple input portals" is a real thing.)
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Anonymous said...

one thing that's hurting awards shows is that they derived their elegance and simplicity from the media that was entered - print and tv. which were effortless to comprehend. you play the spot in the cannes auditorium and everyone can react simultaneously and instantly.

ads for the interwebs doesn't make for nearly as satisfying viewing/reading.

and they're a pain in the ass to judge when you've got a skull-splitting hangover ;-)

Alan Wolk said...

@TSR: Great point. You even notice it when you're looking at someone's portfolio web site-- the print and TV are easy to get, the interweb stuff, much less so.

Anonymous said...

The interwebs (somewhat) expose the scam work, too.

Plus, when I see brand new work at Ads of the World, etc., I know what I like and what I don't.

I don't need some 60-year-old, washed-up hack (or Alex Bogusky) telling me what's good. I have it right in front of me on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

good point anon. i don't need fatbastard judges to tell me that "berries and cream" is the best thing ever. it's got ten million hits on youtube.

Alan Wolk said...

@TSR: That's a great spot. So twisted. My teenaged nieces and nephew- who are smack in the middle of the Starburst demographic- absolutely love that spot- in fact, they were the ones who first turned me on to it.
(BTW- is that Rowan Atkinson or just someone who looks a whole lot like him?)

Anonymous said...

berries and cream is perfection. did it win at cannes? probably not with the international revulsion at our foreign policies.

regardless, i'm a little lad who loves berries and cream. tv lives!

Anonymous said...

it's not rowan atkinson. he's oooold now.

it's a young nyc improv actor who wears a wig for the spot. i had him audition for something recently. brought him in just so he'd do the berries and cream dance for me. was that wrong? i know. it was.

Alan Wolk said...

@TSR: You are my hero for doing that. How did he react?

If he's a good guy, I'm sure he realizes it's his 15 minutes and was pleased you wanted to see it.

Didn't think it was Atkinson, but makeup works wonders.

I've been running this little scenario in my head that every flavor of Starburst has its own brand manager and the Orange and Cherry guys, who were used to being the hot shots, are totally pissed at the Berries and Cream guy because his commercial is getting so much publicity and they're berating the agency (Chiat, right?) to give them their own "Berries and Cream."

Okay, now you all know how sad I am, that this is what I spend my time daydreaming about ;)

Anonymous said...

well it wasn't like we were casting for 60 year old women and brought him in JUST to meet him. you wouldn't know him without the pageboy wig. he's not english either. but he's got atkinson's gormlessness down.