Oct 19, 2007

Another Friday Fave

Saw this the other night, and on Adverganza today: very charming spot from Cutwater for the new Jeep Liberty. Talking animals and all.

The spot also gets major, major props for its appeal to a much broader audience than the usual hipsters, who, truth be told, will probably snub their noses at it.


Anonymous said...

I love ads with talking animals - they leave me with such a warm, fuzzy feeling. I saw the Canon Banter ad on your blog the other day and I was just thinking - I'm not going to forget these ads, ever!

Anonymous said...

is it cool for jeep, in 2007, to be encouraging people to stink up the great outdoors with their carbon-fuelled behemoths?

Alan Wolk said...

@Arun: Lots of people like talking animals. They're funny and non-threatening. That's why you see so many of them in movies, books and TV commercials.

@Anonymous: Basically you're asking is it okay for Jeep to make a non-hybrid SUV? That's a discussion for an eco-blog. The topic here is did they make a good commercial for a car a lot of people still clearly want. Same way we can discuss a cigarette ad without actually broaching the topic of whether cigarettes are good for you.