Oct 24, 2007

New Trend Alert

It's called "Boo-ing"

A new Halloween trick which I was exposed to tonight. (Well new to me, anyway. I suspect that like Crocs, this is one of those trends that spreads from the heartland out to the coasts.)

The doorbell rang, there was giggling, and I caught sight of two kids disappearing into an SUV.

The eldest Tadpole rolled his eyes, grabbed a small shopping bag full of candy off the porch and, in one of those "parents are so thick" tones announced "Oh, it's just someone boo-ing us. That's the third time tonight."

There was a note attached to the bag that read:
You have just been booed and now the curse of the Halloween Phantom is over your home! To be relieved of this curse you must boo 7 more people and if you don't by Halloween night, the curse will stay over your home until next year!! To make sure that this does not occur again this year, please post this sign in a visible spot in the front of your home, so the Phantom does not strike again. To boo someone, fill a bag up with candy and this note with the sign, knock on the victim's door or give them a ring, and run away as fast as you can. GOOD LUCK!! And don't get caught!!!
Just thought I'd fill you in on it. A trend's a trend, right ;)


LimitedTimeOffer said...

Hmm, given the option of having to "boo" people, I'd take the curse of the Halloween Phantom for a year. Given the success of shows like Ghost Hunter and Crossing Over, you may have a money maker on your hands.

Alan Wolk said...

Fair enough LTO. But if you were an elementary school student, you might feel differently.

To wit: the Tadpoles were hard at work this morning refining their list of who they were going to boo after school today.

Anonymous said...

Just did this tonight, after enjoying our surprise M&M's, kit kats, etc. Success for my 5yo son and me, but my wife and daughter got caught red (orange?) handed by the neighbors.

Maybe ding-dong ditching is a male thing...

This has been going on for a few years in our neighborhood. Good fun.

Alan Wolk said...

Hmmm. Whereabouts do you live Bender? (General location is okay, if you'd rather, e.g. Midwest, Southeast, etc.)

We also found that having to strap the littlest Tadpole into a carseat made a quick getaway pretty difficult

Anonymous said...


I prefer to leave flaming bags of bear shit on doorsteps, but I guess that's considered "mean" these days.