Feb 3, 2008

Second Half Impressions

Richard Simmons in the tire ads was much funnier if you'd seen the first one with the squirrel.

Hyundai spots simple but clever. Very Goodby. I'm the likely target and I'd definitely go check out the Genesis.

Props to Pixar for doing a real commercial, not just clips

NFL's own spots nicely shot, nicely done, but I'm always a sucker for sappy sports stories, so don't go by me.

Coke Thanksgiving Parade spot brilliant, back to the old Coke glory days. Well executed too-- didn't see the Charlie Brown thing coming. This is one for the books.

Okay. So Coke spot was definite winner in my book. Simple idea, brilliantly executed, appeals to everyone from kids to seniors - just like Coke.

But let's be real - the main thing people will remember from tonight is the incredibly close game and how the Giants upset the Pats perfect season with less than 2 minutes to play.

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