Feb 29, 2008

Link Love

A bunch of great posts from all over worth checking out this weekend:

Noah Brier has a great post called Brands in a World of Costless Interaction that's all about the changing nature of marketing (e.g. The Real Digital Revolution™)

CK, who usually writes about much weightier stuff, shows off a clever little video that's well worth the three minutes it'll take to watch it.

Adpulp has a tweet from Critical Mass' David Armano on why agencies have such a tough time with social media.

Matt Dickman has a great piece on his techno//marketer blog about the Google Hot Trends service, which lets you see the search terms garnering the most heat on an hourly basis. I've bookmarked this myself and it really is pretty fascinating.

Daily Biz looks at the pitfalls of User-Generated Content and using the "hope" method of creating viral-type buzz.

Ad Broad bemoans the lowly status her agency gives its interactive department, while Jane Sample offers a business-driven reason why.

Mack Collier on the much-discussed benefits of "free" in regards to the TED conference.

BBH London's Scamp offers up a new Tuesday Tip on How To Get A Pay Raise.

Deep Focus' Ian Schafer (or rather, Nick Braccia, his fill-in for the week) offers this insight into the new, new things in gaming.

And finally, for a great non-ad-related read, Daily Fix editor Ann Handley has her own blog called Annarchy where this very funny story about an airport shoeshine appears.

One More: A bunch of people in and around the ad/new media industry have put together a site called 192021.org that's all about the rise of the megacity and its effect on society at a number of levels. If you get into geeky socioeconomic stuff the way I do, you'll love it - be sure the check out the bit that shows how the list of the world's 20 largest cities has changed over the past 1008 years.

Enjoy the weekend. It's almost Spring.


Anonymous said...

:) Thanks, glad you enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

TT -- I'm glad you found that feed as interesting as I have. It really does give you some collective insight on what people are interested in.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

Thanks for noticing, Toad. And for tipping me to Annarchy, a wonderful read & a new feed.