Feb 3, 2008

First Half Impressions

I hope the rest of America loves that Tide Stain Stick spot as much as I do. My fear is the tonality is sophisticated enough that they may find it "weird." But I hope I'm wrong- success would do a lot to convince big advertisers that Americans are ready for that level of messaging

Audi wins for most memorable image, though I did have to explain to the Tadpoles that "there was this famous movie in the 70s called The Godfather and there was a famous scene where..."

Didn't get the connection between Naomi, the dancing lizards and SoBe until 15 minutes later when they sponsored the halftime show and I realized that a lizard (gekko? chameleon?) was part of their logo.

Game is very close and exciting. Puts the commercials into perspective. Makes it hard for ad bloggers to take bathroom breaks...

More later.

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