Feb 21, 2008

Web, Well Done

Props to Adscam proprietor G. Parker for calling attention to this website* for Dutch department store Hema. The product page is very cleverly done, almost a TV commercial in and of itself.

Now granted the site isn't particularly functional (you can't actually buy anything) but that seems more a matter of not having the back end up to speed rather than a conscious decision to avoid e-commerce: it's not hard to imagine the site working as is, only with hardcore functionality added on.

This is the sort of "always on" branding more companies should be doing, where even mundane things like e-commerce sites and store receipts are branded. It adds value to the brand because it makes the consumer feel cared about--someone thought it was worth it to do something this clever for me, the customer.

Nice job.

UPDATE: AdBroad had called this site out about 3 weeks ago. That's what I get for not clicking through ;)

*Wait a few seconds for the page to load - you'll see what I'm talking about.

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