May 3, 2008

Truth In Advertising

As I noted in "The Real Digital Revolution" one of the biggest changes in the way advertising works is that if you aren't 100% honest, people are going to call you on it.

And sometimes those people are going to be your competitors.

The above video (via Ad Age) which has already gotten close to 700,000 hits on YouTube, points out some of the extras that you'll need with the "fits in an envelope" Macbook Air. And contrasts it with the no-extras-necessay Lenovo ThinkPad.

Without going into the whole Mac vs. PC conundrum, I'm wondering what effect this will have on Apple's reputation for simplicity and A+ design. And if it will help Lenovo regain the luster of the ThinkPad brand.

Given the seemingly high production value, I'm wondering if any of you know who did this-- Oglivy (Lenovo's ad agency, the last time I checked) or someone else?

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