Sep 24, 2007

Interview With A Toad

So I went to a "Blogger Meet-up" last week, organized by the lovely and talented CK of CK's Blog where I met a whole bunch of other marketing bloggers and had the unique experience of introducing myself as "Toad."

One of the people I met, Toby Bloomberg, an Atlanta-based PR and marketing dynamo who writes the Diva Marketing Blog (#28 on the AdAge Power 150) thought her readers would find it interesting to read an interview with some weird dude who calls himself "Tangerine Toad."

You can read it here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Toad - It was great to meet you in NYC last week. Appreciated your kind words (smile). Many thanks for the behind the scene story of why an anon blog and why "Tangerine Toad."