Sep 12, 2007

Poll Results: Do Awards Shows Matter?

About a month ago, I ran a poll in conjunction with several other ad blogs on the importance of award shows. It's completely unscientific and all that, but it's interesting to see the results: people who voted are definitely of the opinion that award shows are less and less relevant these days. In fact, only 23% thought they were still very important.

That's interesting for all of the obvious reasons (e.g. creating ads for awards shows might not be the career-booster it once was) and because it's just another way the Digital Revolution is affecting our industry.


Q: Does the proliferation of opportunities to see good ads on the interweb lessen the value of award shows for creatives?

  • Yes, awards don't really matter any more 23%
  • Yes, except maybe for Cannes 8%
  • Somewhat 22%
  • Too many different media options is what makes award shows irrelevant 14%
  • No, they're still very important 23%
  • Other 9% (see some sample write-in responses below)
• Except Cannes and the One Show
• If we're all aware of what's out there, it makes us mighty critical of how judge
• There are too many scam ads in award shows right now. It's killing their value.
• Seeing good ads online doesn't compare with getting the nod from industry stars

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