Sep 5, 2007

More Gigabytes, Please

I was all excited about the new Apple touch iPod for about 5 minutes.

That's how long it took me to realize it only had 16 gigabytes of storage space.

Which meant that my music collection wouldn't fit on there. Nor would more than one or two episodes of any TV show.

The Don't Touch iPod comes with either 80 or 160 gigabytes. Which is about what you'd be needing.

Not sure what, if any, the technical rationales are for giving the TouchPod at Nano-esque memory levels.

But I can't help but thinking that there will be a lot of disappointed users who jumped out and bought the TouchPod (and the iPhone, for that matter) only to discover that the storage space is severely limited. Especially for something that's supposed to play video.


Anonymous said...

TT -- It's all about the .8mm width. They're using Flash memory (which is smaller and more expensive than the hard drives that the iPod video uses) to keep the width down. I agree that when you're talking video you have to move to the larger hard drive. It's going to take some time for the price to drop.

Matt Stooks said...

It's the width, and it's that fancy, touchy, big screen. The flash memory uses less battery than the hard drives. If they put a regular hard drive in there, combined with the screen, it'd kill the battery in no time.

Alan Wolk said...

Thanks Matt(s)

I figured there had to be some technical reason. Like I said, I'm waiting for a lot more memory before I make the switch-- enough that I can get rid of my iPod and only carry one device.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It's so simple: they give us now the small TouchPods and in 3 weeks, they have new versions with 21 Gigabytes. Five weeks after that, they have again new models with 25,7 GB and so on.

I really begin to dislike Apple and Steve. Even though I'm a devoted user. Recognized, that they only come with a USB-Kabel and a plug for the electricity is an extra to buy accessory? Damn, you Shareholders! Curse you, greediness!