Oct 15, 2007

Odd Brand Extension

So on my way into work this morning, I was handed a bright red plastic dollar bill for something called "Virgin Money." I always take these sorts of handouts out of curiosity, and, recognizing the familiar red Virgin logo, I was even more curious to see what this was.

I was betting it had something to do with their cell phone service, but no, it turns out it is to announce to launch of Virgin Money. A "personal loan management" service from Virgin. With an emphasis on "personal" - if you want to get a loan from Mom and Dad, or lend your buddy Steve $250K to start his own business, they'll help set it up for you.

That's it. No bank loans, no commercial mortgages. Just arranging loans between you and your friends and family.

Quite an odd line extension for a company that's known for high profile service-oriented consumer goods, done well. Anyone have any notion what this is about?


Anonymous said...

Here's the scoop:


Anonymous said...

Sir Richard does do things a little differently though.

Anonymous said...

branson will bet on anything that catches his fancy. remember virgin cola?

Martin Johnson said...


My former agency ran this piece of business. It was an acquired Virgin company - took some time to settle but is finally doing some good work.

Alan Wolk said...

Thanks for the update Martin.

Is that your/your agency's work in the YouTube video?