Oct 22, 2007

Toad of Arabia

Oman, actually.

Where my blogging friend Arun Rajagopal lives.

He's been writing another blog for the "Night of the Adeaters" award show which is being held in Muscat this year, and asked me to contribute this article on the "10 Best TV Commercials of All Time."

No easy challenge that.

I went for the all-inclusive route, getting a broad sampling from the past four decades and I included some UK spots in there as well. Nothing you'll find surprising or controversial.



LimitedTimeOffer said...

Ah, great to see that Levi spot from my homeland again, thanks for the trip down amnesia boulevard!

Anonymous said...

Wow - Toad of Arabia. Sounds great. Simply great.:)

Anonymous said...

I want to add my fave ad. Not a successful one being that Coke went with stupid polar bears...instead of this swimming elephant.


Anonymous said...

speaking of ads...did that all-ads, all-the-time network launch?

Wasn't it Firebrand or something?

Alan Wolk said...

@CK: The Polar Bear spot is very cute, it is definitely somewhere in my Top 25 list.

I think Firebrand launches this week- I keep meaning to check on it. Will do a full-on post when I find out.

Anonymous said...

"The Polar Bear spot is very cute, it is definitely somewhere in my Top 25 list."

No, I said I don't like the Polar Bear Spot...I like the swimming elephant spot.

Polar bears are bad, elephant swimming is good. All that budget blown on polar bears and no love given to the truly great creative :-(.

And it was shot in the same spot as the 007 movie (man with the golden gun).

Alan Wolk said...

@CK: Got it. Polar bears bad, swimming elephants good.

That's what happens when I post on too little sleep ;)