Aug 7, 2008

Context Is To Chicken As Content Is To Egg

Matt van Hoven, the new(ish) Agency Spy, wrote a very nice piece yesterday and quoted me extensively. Me, Nick Law from RGA and Chuck Porter from Crispin, Porter & Bogusky, that is. (Talk about your unlikely trios.)

Anyway, here's a tease with a link to read the rest over on MediaBistro.

The clip above seeks to answer the question of which is more important: Context or Content. It's the sort of question that tends to get lost in rhetoric, but whoever answers it will have the fundamentals of advertising in 2008 figured out. Unless of course, they want to survive through The Real Digital Revolution.

We took the insights with a grain of salt, but wanted to share them with you, as well as the thoughts of Alan Wolk, another guy you should be paying attention to — or at least reading.

In the video, CP+B Chairman Chuck Porter said storytelling is the method "smart marketers" are using to reach their audiences. Rather than saying, "let's make a TV commercial," they're looking for that "really interesting idea" that will engage the audience.

"It's really become much more about story telling," said Porter.


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