Aug 3, 2008

Plaid Nation Tour

Plaid Nation Tour - July 21, 2008 from Plaid Nation on Vimeo.

Plaid, the Connecticut based agency run by Darryl Brandflakes-For-Breakfast Ohrt, has just completed their annual summer Plaid Nation Tour. For those of you unfamiliar with this, Darryl and a crew (including Bill Green of MakeTheLogoBigger fame) take a bus trip for a week or so, visiting all sorts of interesting people along the way and documenting it all on camera. You can see the results on Vimeo (first video is above) or on the actual tour website.

This year’s tour is particularly worth checking out, since the guys meet up with and talk to a slew of interesting people, including Robert Scoble, Biz Stone (the CEO of Twitter and possessor of the absolute best CEO name ever—the Flintstonianness of it is just awesome) and Tony Hsieh, the Twitter-loving CEO of

The videos are really nicely done—I told Darryl he should try and shop them to one of the cable TV networks—and the longer interviews from the site are well worth watching too. I mean if nothing else, it lets you get to hear and see people you may only know from their online writing.

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