Aug 3, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

So in other ad blogger weekend news, Ben Kay, who wrote the most excellent LunarBBDO blog (aka "If This Is A Blog, Then What's Christmas") out of London, confirmed today that he has indeed decided to stop writing the blog.

For now, Kay wants to concentrate on a novel he's been working on, though he told me he may indeed revive LunarBBDO, which was a great take on the UK ad business, well-written and funny ("cheeky" I believe, is how the Brits would put it.)

The UK ad scene is interesting to watch because it's still very old media-centric and also because ads-- and the people who make them-- are more well know over there. Ben and Scamp can still do posts on "famous creatives." Which isn't something we can do over on these shores.

I wish Ben much luck with his novel-- I will keep you posted as to publication date when he sells it-- and he will be missed.

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