Aug 10, 2008

Phone Tag Gets It

I had tipped the Social Path's David Griner off about a very cool app called Phone Tag for his "Cool Tool Of The Week" feature.

Even cooler: the first comment on his post was someone from Phone Tag, thanking Griner for the (generally positive) post and offering a free 30-day trial to his readers.

Clearly, someone at Phone Tag gets the positive spin value of responses like that and of giving early adapters and evangelists the tools and ammunition they need to keep spreading the brand love.

Very smart.

Phone Tag, which I credit Jason Heller and Ian Schafer for turning me on to, is indeed a very cool little app: For less than 40 cents a call, Phone Tag will transcribe your voicemails and email them to you, along with a .wav file of the actual voicemail. It's incredibly useful when you're in long meetings and other places where taking a call or listening to your voicemail would be rude, but surreptitiously scrolling through your Blackberry or iPhone perfectly acceptable. I've found it to be pretty accurate in its ability to transcribe correctly and quite prompt in its delivery.

You all should check it out.

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