Sep 26, 2008

(Black) Friday Fun

Rhett and Link are a comedy writing duo who've built up quite a following on YouTube.

The guys over at Brand Capitalists, a very interesting new model marketing company that's associated with The Rockefeller Consulting Group (yup, those Rockefellers) helped hook them up with their client Microbilt, which provides small businesses with risk management solutions (everything from credit checks on up.)

The result is a very funny (and timely) little video that works because as Brand Capitalist notes "It's entertainment that's relevant to Microbilt's audience. Not branded entertainment."

Key-- and very crucial difference there that harkens back to Howard Gossage's adage, "people don't read ads. They read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad." (And yeah, I know I've been quoting famous dead ad guys a lot lately.) The more utlitity you can bring me, the more your brand tells me "hey, I get where you're coming from," the more disposed I'll be to listening to your sales pitch. It's something ad agencies did quite often back in the Mad Men days and something we need to start doing more of now.


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