Sep 11, 2008

Service Nation Tonight - Live Tweeting

Thanks to the efforts of Christina Kerley (otherwise known as "CK") I am going to be attending the Service Nation Summit tonight along with Barack Obama and John McCain. A number of other politicos are slated to be there - everyone from Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Bloomberg.

Here's a description of Service Nation, taken straight from their website:
ServiceNation is a campaign for a new America. An America where citizens unite and take responsibility for the nation’s future. ServiceNation unites leaders from every sector of American society with hundreds of thousands of citizens in a national campaign to call on the next President and Congress to enact a new era of voluntary service and civic engagement in America, an era in which all Americans will work together to try and solve our greatest and most persistent societal challenges.

ServiceNation Summit 2008 – September 11-12, New York City
ServiceNation Summit will bring together 600 leaders of all ages and from every sector of American life – from universities and foundations, to business and politics – to celebrate the power and potential of service, and lay out a bold policy blueprint for addressing challenges facing our society through expanded opportunities for volunteer and community national service.

You can watch the whole thing live on CNN tonight while following along with me, @ckepiphany and @davidberkowitz on Twitter or (maybe) Kyte.

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