Jul 17, 2007

And Sometimes Your Brand IS My Friend

Fake websites, blogs and the like work best when they're created by things like movies and TV shows.


Because we have a tendency to consider the characters our friends. We see the websites as an extension of the story we see on TV. And as such, it's not an intruder.

"John From Cincinnati" - a new HBO series I've been watching, if not 100% understanding- has jumped into the already crowded pool with two new websites, both of which work to extend the show's brand and appeal to hard-core fans.

If only they could explain what's going on.

Check them out here and here


RFB said...

They've also put up johnmonad.com, which is as hard to navigate as the show is to understand.

But I'm addicted to the show and enjoying it thoroughly.

Alan Wolk said...

Thanks for the tip Jetpacks.

I thought I kind of had a handle on what was going on, but that got blown out of the water during the last 10 minutes of Sunday's show. (Pun not really intended.)

RFB said...

There's interesting dicussion about the show at tvsquad.com with all kinds of theories being tossed around.

Anonymous said...

I love character blogs. See, a show is only as good as the characters are defined...and this outlet (medium) helps us to further define--and ergo, further connect--with the character.

I'm an avid fan of JFC but the last two eppies have not been my favorite, actually. My favorite character is the dude with the birds that used to play Al Bundy.