Jul 7, 2007

(Sort of) Live Toad + A Wiki

I was invited to be a guest on Joseph Jaffe's podcast, Across The Sound this week, along with CK, of CK's blog.

The topic was blogger outreach programs, the somewhat controversial Nikon D80 program in particular, and how brands should and should not insert themselves into Web 2.0. CK and Jaffe are a lot more thoughtful and interesting than I am, so it's actually a pretty insightful listen.

You can listen to/download us on the Across The Sound homepage here.

Or get a direct download here

Or you can download it off of iTunes here

And, since people seem to really be digging this whole notion of "Your Brand Is Not My Friend" (read the whole series here) and because CK suggested it, lol- I have started a wiki where you can add your stories of brands who made the mistake of thinking they were just another one of the gang and inserted themselves in places where people really didn't want to be advertised to. You can link to the wiki here


Anonymous said...

Jaffe loves the sound of his own voice doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

That Wiki needs a logo (CK also suggested that) and some good t-shirts so brands get the point (I'll wear mine proudly and 'tis a perfect present for many marketers ;-).

Thanks again for chattin' it up on Friday.

Anonymous said...

He loves it so much, he even started his own podcast. You should too, but what would you call it? How about "the anonymous podcast"?